Event Options

Currently, Casa Blanca offers two event options on our property:

Small Events (maximum of 20 people)

  • If the event (e.g., small wedding ceremony or birthday party) is attended by only guests staying at a Casa Blanca rental, then the Casa Main House can be booked directly at our website (stayhillcountry.com) or through a third-party app like Airbnb and VRBO.
  • This option is perfect for small wedding ceremonies or celebration events that take place at the Casa Blanca Main House (inside or outside) and does not limit property use with other staying guests who are not associated with the private event. Please understand that only the Casa Main House rental can be used for group events since the river area and other common areas are for all staying guests.
  • We also have a table and chair service for an additional fee.
  • Please note this option is not designed for non-staying guests coming on to property to attend a planned event. 
Large Events (maximum of 80 people)
  • If the event (e.g., outside wedding, patio reception dinner, reunion party) involves a guestlist of more than twenty staying and non-staying guests, then this option is necessary (no exceptions).
  • You must contact us directly to discuss event needs, reserve dates, and submit an event deposit (minimum of 20%).
  • We also have a table and chair service (with or without cloth table coverings) that is factored into the event package and final costs.
  • Additional requirements and rules may apply, depending on the nature of the event. For example, if the event is a wedding with a reception dinner on the patio, then the following event items must be planned for in advance: signed event agreement (includes policies for property use, parking, music level, and general rules and restrictions); C.O.I (certificate of insurance); copy of bartender license (if alcohol is served); and a documented event plan that includes projected number of guests and any special needs that CB staff needs to be aware of before the actual event.

Booking Related Web Links for Groups

Casa Blanca Rental Summary (helpful for understanding room and bed configuration for staying guests)

Casa Blanca 3 Package (great for family and group gatherings who need more beds than those within the Main House and wish to stay closer together)

Note: We have multiple rentals on our property and all are walking distance from one another; therefore, you can easily book available rentals according to your group needs. Click the above Rental Summary web page to choose what works best for you or your guests.

Event setup photos from past events (weddings, company mixers, and family reunions).