Great American Solar Eclipses

Mark your calendar for April 8, 2024!

All of Stayhillcountry's rentals in Kerrville and Ingram are perfect for seeing the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. 

    • April 8, 2024 is the Total Solar Eclipse
      • 2-3 night minimum (depending on rental and location)
      • As of Fall 2023 we have been totally booked but cancellations do happen so contact us to reserve your spot!
      • As of April 6, we had two cancellations so contact me if you still need a place!
    • Having two solar eclipses criss-cross Texas six months from each other is very rare and we are glad to offer lodging for both events. We expect a great many visitors to be in the area and lodging will be hard to find. So, reserve your spot early! Contact Eddie at for more information.

    Top 10 Travel and Trip Tips:

    1. Cash: Visitors are encouraged to bring some cash, as local businesses anticipate network disruptions that may interfere with credit card transactions. Do not rely on cellular service during peak times so be prepared (just in case).

    2. Carpool or Rideshare: Carpooling is encouraged for travelers coming into the city to help alleviate overcrowding of vehicles. Casa Blanca (and other Stayhillcountry rental locations) will be a great place to view the solar eclipse so we encourage you to stay on the rental property to avoid travel hassles. However, if you are planning to attend a local event during the eclipse, make every effort to reach your viewing location before 11 a.m.

    3. Printed Materials: Guests are strongly advised to print maps, directions, hotel reservations, receipts, etc. before their trip in anticipation of cellular service being disrupted. Stayhillcountry will have a printed record of all guest bookings. Keep in mind that self-check-in instructions include rental codes to gain access into the rental so have that written down or snap a screenshot before your trip.

    4. Casa Blanca Guests Only. If you are staying at one of the Casa Blanca rentals in Ingram/Hunt, we will ensure that only booking guests are allowed on the property. We will not be allowing non-guests to populate the open areas of the property and someone will be present to prevent over-occupancy of booked rentals. Please help us make this a stellar event by following rental agreements and guidelines.

    5. Comfortable Clothing: Travelers should review the weather and wear comfortable clothing, bring hats or visors, sun protection, and comfortable walking shoes to help reduce vehicular traffic. If weather permits, plan to take a dip in the Guadalupe River!

    6. Extra Travel Time: Attendees should plan for extra transportation time to and from area towns and event locations. If you plan to travel, depart early and consider packing water, snacks, etc. in case you encounter heavy traffic. Don't forget to fill up with gas before coming to Kerrville and Ingram (just in case)!

    7. Event Gear: Spectators are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets for a cozy and pleasant viewing experience. Regarding eyewear, eye damage can occur by viewing the eclipse without proper eye safety. Casa Blanca has a few ISO-certified eclipse glasses available for purchase if you need some. But bringing your own would be the best plan in case we run out. Let us know if you need a few pair.

    8. Food: Out-of-town guests are recommended to pack snacks and groceries in advance to stay fueled as supplies may be limited once in Kerrville and the surrounded area towns. It is hard to predict availability so be prepared. Casa Blanca does not have any food or drink to sell to guests.

    9. Stay Hydrated: Visitors are highly encouraged to keep water with them to stay hydrated throughout the day. It is recommended to have extra water in your vehicle in the event of prolonged traffic delays.

    10. Early Check-In: As you can imagine, lots of booked guests are asking about an early check-in. Know that we can't grant that request in advance since a same-day turnover makes that impossible. We will be extremely busy preparing for daily arrivals. Once your rental is ready to occupy, we will notify you. In some cases, an hour early check-in might work out. So, be please be patient and do not ask for an early check-in before the day of your arrival.

    Thank you and see you soon! - Eddie

    Click here to see the path of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse as it passes over Texas!