FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you have multiple rentals on your property?

Yes, we have multiple rentals on our property, spread out on 11 acres so plenty of privacy for each family or group. The rentals range from small cabins to large houses. See our active listings to book your perfect vacation rental today!

How far is the river from the property?

The Guadalupe River runs along side Highway 39 and we are directly across the road! For example, our Main House is less than 150 feet away. Distances between rentals vary but all are within easy walking distance. The best part is we have 330 feet of cypress-lined riverfront that is private and available to only our guests.

Is there a charge for using kayaks?

No, we do not charge our staying guests for the use of our recreational equipment. We do not provide tubes so bring your own or any floating gear for the whole family!

Can I use powered water vehicles like a boat or jet ski at your river area?

No, powered water toys are not allowed on our part of the Guadalupe River. However, Ingram Lake is only 3 miles away and has a public ramp that does allow certain powered water crafts.

Is the river safe to swim in for adults and kids?

Yes, the river is safe, with no noticeable undercurrents, and deep enough to filter naturally - making the river very refreshing and fun to swim in or kayak on the water. It's several feet deep from the bank and 10-12' deep where you land in water from the rope swing. We do have life jackets and life vest near the recreational equipment and encourage you to use them. The best part is our river is dam-controlled so water levels remain relatively the same throughout the year.

Can I bring a dirt bike, ATV, or golf cart?

No, we do allow motorbikes, carts, four-wheelers on our property. Everything is within easy walking distance so not necessary. But feel free to bring a bicycle!

Are the kitchens adequately stocked?

Yes, each rental has a fridge, stove, microwave, and a number of common appliances. We provide common cookware, utensils, spices, etc. for your convenience. 

Is there a gas grill available?

Yes, each rental has a propane grill near it. We also provide the tanks and have extra on hand if one runs out. Some larger houses also has a charcoal grill but you need to bring your own wood or charcoal.

Is there a TV in the rental?

Yes, each rental has a TV with either a built-in Roku or an attached Roku device. Market research shows that travelers prefer Internet TV that allows them to login to their personal paid subscriptions. For convenience, we provide many free apps for those without paid subscriptions or do not have their login information handy. A "Casa Blanca TV Guide" is next to each TV for more details.