Welcome to Casa Blanca! We are pleased to have you as our guest. Please read the following information sections, which serve as your guest handbook, and will help to make your stay exceptional and stress-free.

Check-In Process

  • Check-in begins at 3pm. Please do not show up early unless prior arrangements were made, since housekeeping needs time to properly clean your rental during same day departures and arrivals.
  • The Main House is locked across from the office and has two driveways. For all other rentals, drive pass the office, through the gate (which remains open day and night), and continue on the circle drive until you find your rental. Look for the rental name on a white sign near the dedicated parking.
  • Please park in the designated area and avoid blocking any portion of the circle driveway.
  • After 3p, we leave the rental unlock for your arrival convenience. The location of key will be either on the kitchen counter or the dining table.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, call or text Eddie at 830-459-6321.

General House Rules

  • No smoking inside the vacation rental, please!
  • If your vacation rental allows pets, please use a leash while walking your dog (pets are not allowed to roam free). Also, please keep dogs off beds and couches (to reduce allergy-related issues).
  • Be mindful of other guests around you by keeping noise and music to an appropriate level.
  • If you need extra blankets or linens, please check nearby closets (some rentals may also have an air mattress).
  • Please report any maintenance problems that occur during your stay so we can promptly address it in a timely manner.
  • If any medical emergencies occur, please call 911.
  • Please read the Rental Agreement for more detailed information. Keep in mind that at the time of your booking, you "accepted" this agreement and expected to comply with it during your stay with us.

Riverfront Use Guidelines:

  • Casa Blanca has 330’ of private riverfront access on the Guadalupe River that is available to guests who are staying with us.
  • You may use the deck, patio and lawn areas, grills, kayaks, etc at no additional cost.
  • You may also bring your own tubes and kayaks (but no powered water crafts allowed on our section of the river).
  • When walking to our riverfront area, please use the rock pathway and steps between office and main house. This also reduces the distance across the highway.
  • Please watch for vehicles before crossing the road. Be sure to keep small children and pets near you at all times.
  • Enter water at your own risk (levels range from 4-20 feet). Understand there is no lifeguard so be careful and pay attention to those in your group.
  • We keep life jackets/vests at the river (and a few more on office porch). We recommend guests use them when on or in the water (sometimes game wardens will check).
  • Be mindful of other guests who are enjoying the river area too. Sharing space and recreational equipment helps everyone have a good time (and great way to make new friends).
  • Loud music is not allowed at the river area. If your group is the only one present, then low volume is okay (but keep in mind that river life is meant to be tranquil).
  • Be respectful to others moving by on the water, either swimming or kayaking. Also, avoid swimming next to those fishing (no one likes to be caught with a hook - ouch).
  • If using our kayaks, please return them (with paddles) to the kayak stand and turn upside down so water can drain.
  • During busy periods, please limit use of shared kayaks to an hour. If no one is waiting, then longer use is acceptable.
  • Please place your trash in the trash bins. We check them regularly. Also, we recommend bringing drinks contained in cans or plastic bottles to avoid broken glass (lots of bare feet near water).

Thanks for reading and helping us keep our river area beautiful and peaceful! Have fun!

Wi-Fi Information

  • SSID: "Casa Blanca Guest"
  • Password: riverfun

Note: All the rentals have Roku TVs (or a Roku device attached) already connected to our Wi-Fi network. You can either login to your favorite media streaming apps or use free ones like Roku, Pluto, Tubi, etc. 

Check-Out Process

  • Check-out time is 11:00 AM (unless prior arrangements were made)
  • Leave used towels in a corner of the bathroom (or in bathtub/shower if wet)
  • Leave any used beds unmade (we have a special bedding removal procedure)
  • Place any unwashed dishes in the dishwasher and start it (or in sink if unable to use dishwasher)
  • If trash bags are full, cinch up and place outside in larger bin (otherwise, leave it as is and we will take care of it)
  • Return furniture, games, books, etc. back to their original place (if you moved them during your stay)
  • Close all windows and exterior doors
  • Turn off lights and set thermostat to 74 (cool mode) or 68 (heat mode)
  • Don’t forget your valuables stored in drawers or device chargers plugged into walls
  • Leave guest key on the kitchen table and leave rental unlock (easier for housekeeping)

Thanks for choosing Casa Blanca for your get-away! Let is know if you need anything!